No Reflection in the Mirror (VAMPIRE!) link fixed

Rhymefest is a talented cat out of Chicago. He recently put out a mixtape titled, Man in the Mirror, as a tribute to Michael Jackson, one of his musical heroes. Working with Mark Ronson & around copyright laws, Rhymesfest released a very entertaining, humorous, and soulful mixtape. Even better, Rhymefest, for the most part, avoids using very obvious choices from Michael’s catalogue. This mixtape opened up my ears to a few records in Michael’s catalogue I was not aware of. So thank you Rhymefest & Mark Ronson for that.

The first song is off of Rhymefest’s mixtape. It is titled “No Sunshine”, pulling the sample from a rare version of Michael singing “Ain’t No Sunshine”.

Here is the original that the sample was pulled from, Michael Jackson’s “Ain’t no Sunshine” off of 1972’s Got To Be There. Hearing the emotion infused into this song by a person so young is amazing to think about, especially in the days of vapid reality tv pop.

Another bomb cut on the Rhymefest mixtape is “Family Reunion”, which features Rhymefest participating in a vocal jam with the Jacksons.

“All That I’ve Got is You” featuring Ghostface Killah is another standout track on the mixtape. Rhymefest wants hip hop to realize its roots and move away from the bullshit commercial hip pop/hip hop is stuck in. Man in the Mirror is Rhymefest’s outstanding effort in waging the battle for real hip hop.

I will leave you with one more track from the human personification of Peter Pan. “People Make the World Go Round” features a younger Michael as the track above did. “People…” is a Motown track I am not very familiar with. The only other version of it I remember hearing is off a a Detroit Soul compilation of recently recorded material. Look for a post featuring more versions of “People Make the World Go Round” soon.


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