Blue Angels High, Ice Cream Pie, Pretty Thin for a Fat Guy

This past weekend was Seafair in Seattle, which means a lot of planes flew for many hours a day all week long, boats were raced, lots of people got drunk on boats, and many heads were turned upwards at the skies. I did not see any birds taking advantage of this fact.

The Blue Angels are sick. For all the pollution they spread & fuel they waste, they are still impressive to watch. I did take some, albeit some bad, photos. My camera is not up to par with my skills. A new job should rectify that problem.

One more note, I remember the good humour ice creams tasting much better as a child. The Sonic the Hedgehog one I bought tasted like chemicals. Even worse, the bubblegum eyes contained like 30 seconds of bubblegum.

A waste of $2. Give me the creamiest of the cream!

Anyways, here are the rest of the pictures.

This last photo is of a strange house that we walked past as we left the Seward Park area after the Blue Angels show ended

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