We are Children of the Night

Sitting at my computer desk at 4:30 am waiting for the sandman to whisk me to R.E.M. I figured I would post some pictures I have taken in Seattle & the horror-themed haikus that popped in my head while sitting at work. Someone said a picture is worth a thousand words. If god had known this the Bible would have been a lot shorter. Looks like someone isn’t so omnipotent. Anyways with this idea in mind I will leave a few words for each picture.

zombie breath real rank

what do they eat? oh yeah brains

of short-sighted man

Breakdancers in Int’l District during a clean-up event

why do I run? fear

what do I fear? sunlight. why?

I am a vampire

This picture sums up Yakima way better than words.  Still, I will attempt to describe what a piling heap of shit Yakima is.  What a dump. The urge to use meth hit immediately after entering a city affected by tumbleweeds, lack of color, bland architecture, and no apparent cultural scene. They produce solid wine I guess, but to attract tourists I would think you would need more than just wine. Yakima did feature a strange feature in its commercial district. It looked like the block belonged along the main street of a decent sized town facing Lake Michigan. However, this body of water above was the only body of water in Yakima I believe, and the weird area was placed in what appeared to be the large parking lot of the old train station.

wolfman strikes again

full moon transformation HOWL!

silver bullet fake

Broken down limo in a broke city

sunlight warms my face

blades of grass tickle my skin

the earth is my bed

Downtown Seattle from Capital Hill

Pond at Kubuto Gardens. Mmm reflections. Water acts as the skyscrapers of land.

Modified One Be Lo show poster in Capital Hill. For those that are unaware, Seattle is undergoing rapid condofication. The caption “Imma Buy Me a Condo” is hilarious, especially considering this poster was found just down the block from a new condo complex advertising “Symmetry in Living”. Eastern ideas have been adopted by the building industry to appeal to all the yuppies. Another reason I love this poster are the fang-like discolorations which make me think of the ties between soulless condofication & soulless vampirism.

Mural found in Capital Hill. Gorgeous use of colors & shading.

Hendrix part of same mural

Jim Leyland being ejected at the Tigers-Mariners game some metro Detroit expats attended. I felt his frustration, the Tigers appeared to be on ambien. At least Jim didn’t have to pay $9 for beer & got to fly out of dreary Seattle. Seattle is no place for old-school smoker like Leyland.

Part of an X-Man mural on the wall of a skate shop near the waterfront downtown.

Sun setting over the mountains. Taken looking at downtown from Capital Hill. Mmm Crepuscular glows.

Apparently Superman doesn’t own a cellphone. He must dream of the days when payphones. Carley noticed this individual outside of Collin’s Pub, home of some of the best burgers, selections of Belgian beer, & bathroom graffiti, in downtown Seattle.

Where is Superman going & what happened to his hair?

naked biker

Holy Naked Biker Batman! Every June the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle throws a fair for the Summer Solstice. A parade, featuring naked bikers, is part of the festivities. Some people wear costumes, some wear body paint, and some don’t cover up their bodies at all. I think I will participate next year.

Color collage provided by trees

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  1. body paints are quite nice when you are out on a pool party or just about any party .`*

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