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Photoshop has a Brain Filter?

Posted in Art on June 27, 2008 by trapperKeeper

Here are two images I created using photoshop. The glow waves was a simple experiment in seeing how to make neon glow lines. The other image is an aborted collage. It was the first image I manipulated in photoshop. I love neon so I wanted to experiment with colorful glowing waves.  Unfortunately, I created a background that didn’t really work for collaging. There are a few mistakes that I was not able to eliminate due to it being my first photoshop project & I was not so knowledgeable about layering & all the different tools. I have a bunch of photos of the city I am touching up & have two more collages I am over halfway done on…so more soon.

Betty Davis is one of the funkiest beings that has ever existed. While photoshopping I have had the blessing of having funkyass jam sessions blasting noise up from the basement & a multitude of podcasts and other music from the net. All y’all should check out u-tern. He has a podcast on brooklyn radio. I will provide links for these things later, but alas the hour is late & the coming day will start early. Wire season 5 McNulty is BONKERS & I see a bad end for him.

Keep it FUNKY!