Robot Rock

Daft Punk

JEAH! I finally got a digital camera, so I will now begin the process of learning how to use it (much more complicated than the old equivalent of digital, the polaroid). So hopefully I will have some pictures up within a few days, although it will probably be the weekend before I will get around to it and three zombie movie reviews. I am allegedly seeing a sneak preview of Sweeney Todd on Wednesday. This is going to be a quick one since I am tired and desire the warmth of my billowy blankets. Work, Trailer Park Boys & Battle Royale are a tiring combination. Will someone please hit up a little Checkers for the gipper b/c you gotta eat and someone needs to replace my financial investment in Rap Cat’s front. Lastly check out this dope Daft Punk song. The robots are using groove to enslave the minds of our youth.

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