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Hello world!

Posted in life on November 28, 2007 by trapperKeeper


What up. This is the start of a blogging adventure that could fail quietly or spectacularly. Another voice entering the blogging world with sword in hand (for real the house I am living in must have at least 15 swords in it…good for a zombie apocalypse). I am going to attempt to do multiple things with this blog, including horror film reviews; music info, reviews and downloads; sociopolitical bullshitting; show off my new home (Seattle); and a way to stay connected to all the cats I know that are increasingly scattered and my family back in Michigan. I only can guarantee that I will attempt to bring the Funk to the digital world. I hope to update it fairly often, but we shall see since I will be busy with work, exploring and figuring out a way I can bring the grimy soul of Detroit to a large city largely lacking the FUNK.

Lastly, I want to explain the title and address of this blog. Gateway to the Burbs is the slogan of Redford (officially I think, but I couldn’t see the city government having a sense of humor). Furthermore, I am following in the footsteps of the legendary white rapper John Brown. I cannot claim to be King of the Burbs, but I feel I could at least be a Duke. I just a position of power where I don’t have to do shit but sit in a chair and get served gin, cognac, and hen while eating huge turkey legs.

The address (henpantha) is connected to the Dionysian Underground & the Bacchi Mysteries. Some old school pagan shit that I have loved since high school. Bacchus intoxicated individuals; therefore freeing the individual’s consciousness from the blinders of society, culture, etc. If you want to know more about Bacchus, check out . Most importantly for me is the idea of ‘unity in diversity’ or ‘the one and the many’, which are two ways of translating the phrase Hen Pantha. And now you know the rest of the story. But for real, unity in diversity is one of the guiding principles of my ethical, philosophical code.

With that I will leave you with some bomb links. The first is DJ Houseshoes myspace page. The man is a legend in Detroit hip hop, worked with Dilla, Proof, tons of cats.

The other link is to one of my favorite satirical pieces of art. This shit is in no way work safe or kid friendly, but the premise behind it is genius. What would the Disney characters do after their creator/god Walt Disney died?

Paul Krassner is one of my main men. You can check out some of his writings from The Realist at this site.

Finally some cats are jumping on restoring, digitizing and archiving underground newspapers. If only I could have some of that for my thesis, but maybe in grad school. Holla if ya read me and feel free to contribute your own shit. Let me know and I can add you as an administrator and we can have fun creating together. But let the warning stand from the start. I do not suffer fools lightly. I will do some metamorphing Zeus style and cause mad mental anguish like a hangover that just won’t quit. Much like my school papers this post suffered from verbal diarrhea, but good can grow even in shit you just have to know what you are looking for before ingesting.